Zareba® Insultube - 50 ft

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  • Use between fence charger and fence line or under/over permanent gate
  • Can be used with high tensile fence system
  • Insulation limits voltage loss
  • Insulation rated up to 20,000 volts
  • 12-1/2 gauge, Class III galvanized wire

Zareba® 50-Foot Insultube

Use Zareba® 50-Foot Insultube to run electrified wires across spaces where you don't want to people or animals to be shocked, including connecting lines from the fence charger or over/under permanent entry gates. This hollow tube can be used to sheath wire up to 12½ gauge. By running an electrified wire through the Insultube, you can protect it against weathering and limit unintended voltage loss. This 50 ft long tube insulator can be easily trimmed during installation, allowing a clean look to your fence or gate.

  • Install over wire running around gates
  • Install over wire running from charger to fence
  • Suitable for use with high tensile fence systems
  • Insulated tube limits unintended voltage loss
  • Rated up to 20,000 volts
  • Fits 12½ Gauge, Class III galvanized wire
  • UV-protected and weather resistant

Zareba® - Your Smart Electric Fence Systems for Animal Control

Zareba® 50-Foot Insultube
Model # IT50
For Use With Wire up to 12 ½ gauge
Quantity 50 Ft

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