Zareba® Heavy-Duty Sure Shock Polywire - 656 ft

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  • 656 ft spool of aluminum electric fence polywire
  • 20X more shocking power than stainless steel
  • Features three highly conductive aluminum wires
  • Lightweight and convenient for temporary pastures, rotational grazing and equine containment
  • PVC-coated fiberglass and UV-stabilized for long life
  • Easy to install, repair and splice while in the field
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Service Experts Available To Answer Your Installation Questions

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Zareba® Heavy-Duty Sure Shock™ Polywire - 656 Feet

Use heavy-duty Sure Shock™ electric fence polywire from Zareba® to contain your livestock and horses within your interior paddocks. This electric fencing line features three highly conductive aluminum strands that deliver 20x the shocking power to animals that come in contact with it. Each 656-foot length of heavy-duty polywire has been PVC-coated to deliver UV protection to its fiberglass weave. This durable fence tape is 2x stronger than other fence polywire, and Zareba® backs it with a 5-year limited warranty.

20X Shocking Power

This Sure Shock™ polywire fencing features three highly conductive aluminum strands. These conductors deliver a more powerful shock than stainless steel conductors, which are the most common type electric fence manufacturers use.

Superior Strength & Durability

With Sure Shock™, you can be sure you’re getting a product that is built to last! This heavy-duty polywire features a PVC-coated fiberglass construction for UV protection, creating a fence line that is 2x stronger than comparable fence polywires.

Easy to Set Up, Splice & Reuse

This Zareba® electric fence line is easy to use and repair. To make in-the-field repairs to broken lines, just tie it back together. It’s also easy to roll back onto its reel for reuse in other areas of your property. Thanks to its ease-of-use, polywire is ideal for temporary enclosures and rotational grazing because it can be set up, re-reeled and moved in just a few minutes.

Great for Horses

Horses are highly visual animals. The vibrant yellow design of Sure Shock™ polywire is easy for them to see, allowing them to immediately recognize the limits of their pasture. Horses are quickly and easily able to learn to respect the boundaries created by the polywire.

Zareba ® Heavy-Duty Sure Shock™ Polywire Product Details

Interested in learning more about Sure Shock™ polywire from Zareba®? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Zareba ® Heavy-Duty Sure Shock™ Polywire
Model # HDW656YA-Z
Length 656 ft (200m)
Line Thickness 1/8 inch
Conductor Count 3 aluminum strands

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Video Tips: installing Your Charger

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Zareba® Heavy-Duty Sure Shock Polywire
Model # HDW656YA-Z
Quantity 656 Feet (200 m)
Conductor Count 3 aluminum strands
Line Thickness 1/8 Inch

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