Zareba® Heavy-Duty Sure Shock 2 inch Polytape

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  • Features 14 highly conductive aluminum wires with 20X shocking power
  • Woven with PVC-coated fiberglass for 2X strength
  • Ideal for equine fencing – white poly tape is more visible than traditional electric fence wire
  • Lock-stitched edges for greater durability
  • Weather-resistant UV protection for added life in the field

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Zareba® 2 Inch Heavy-Duty Sure Shock™ Polytape

Featuring a 1,000 lb breaking strength, heavy-duty Sure Shock™ electric fence tape from Zareba® is ideal for containing your horses, cattle and pigs inside interior paddocks. This 2-inch electric fencing features 14 highly conductive aluminum strands that deliver 20x the shocking power to any animal that challenges it. Each reel carries 500 feet of the 2-inch fiberglass fencing, which is manufactured with a PVC coating and lock-stitched edges. Zareba backs this bright-white electric fence tape with a 5 year limited warranty.

20X Shocking Power

Every length of 2-inch Sure Shock™ fencing is laced with 14 highly conductive aluminum strands. These conductors deliver a shock that’s 20x more intense than stainless steel, the most common electric fence conductor.

Lock-Stitched Edges

Sure Shock™ electric fence tape is lock-stitched along its edges. This and other manufacturing methods increases its tensile strength and long-term durability. As a result, 2-inch Sure Shock™ electric tape has a 1,000 lb breaking limit.

Great for Horses

Sight is vital for horses that are contained by electric fencing, and Sure Shock™ tape is made bright white so it’s highly visible. This construction style allows horses to immediately recognize the limits of their pasture.

Zareba ® Sure Shock™ Fence Tape Product Details

Interested in learning more about this electric fence tape from Zareba®? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Zareba ® 2 Inch Heavy-Duty Sure Shock™ Polytape
Model # HDT500W2-Z
Length 500 ft
Width 2 inch
Conductor Count 14 aluminum strands
Tensile Strength 1000 lb

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Model # HDT500W2-Z
Length 500 ft
Width 2 inch
Conductor count 14 aluminum strands
Tensile strength 1,000 lb
Usage notes
  • 5 year limited warranty
  • 20x shocking power
  • Features UV-protected and PVC-coated fiberglass weave
  • Note: For use in temporary rotational grazing or in conjunction with permanent, perimeter fencing. It is not intended as the sole means of restraint.
  • For best results: Use with a low-impedance Zareba® fence charger. An AC-powered fence charger should be UL listed. This product is not intended for use with continuous current or weed chopper types of fence chargers.

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