Victor® Tin Cat Mouse Trap - Bulk

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  • Designed for humane catch and release of mice
  • Catches up to 30 mice per setting
  • Transparent lid for easy monitoring
  • Trap may be used in FDA and USDA inspected plants
  • To increase efficacy of trap, use with the pre-baited M309 Victor Glue Board
  • Designated space for technicians to record monitoring information

Best Used For

Living Rooms
Dining Rooms

Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap

Help protect homes and businesses from mice with the Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap. Designed for humane catch and release of mice, this trap holds up to 30 rodents at once. The slim metal construction is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The inconspicuous design makes it ideal for a business, and the secure construction keeps curious children or pets away from the trap. The trap also includes designated space for technicians to record monitoring information.

To set up the TIN CAT®, follow these simple steps:

  1. Set the bait: Provide a dab of peanut butter or a small bit of cheese.
  2. Place trap: Set the TIN CAT® along a wall or next to a hole where mice have been located or identified; mouse droppings are a good indicator.
  3. Check: Using the clear window, check at a glance whether mice have been captured.
  4. Release: When the trap is full, release the captives into the wild at an offsite location while following local guidelines for releasing captured animals.

Large Catch Capacity

The TIN CAT® allows for nonlethal capturing of mice so they can be released back into the wild. This trap can hold up to 30 mice at once, so it’s great for tackling large infestations. It can also be paired with a set of pre-baited Victor® glue boards, which fit seamlessly into the trap, and can help prevent unwanted escapes. To release mice, just add a bit of olive oil to the glue, and the mouse should be able to free itself.

No Poison or Snapping Parts

Victor® TIN CAT® mouse traps are free of poisons and snapping parts, making them a good choice to use in homes with children or pets. The larger traps are also ideal for businesses and can be placed in drop ceilings, near coolers, and anywhere else mice tend to congregate. They're more sanitary than other traps because the mice are fully enclosed in the secure metal box.


Victor® TIN CAT® Instructional Video

Learn how to set and use the Victor® TIN CAT® Live Mouse Trap.

"I had a family of mice living inside of my piano. The first night Tin Cat® caught all 8 mice. I then felt better letting them go in a strange place knowing they had friends with them."

Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap
Model # M312
Trap Type Live mouse trap
For Use Against Mice
Catches per Setting Up to 30 mice
Usage Notes Check the trap frequently so mice can be released in a timely manner
Materials Metal
Indoor or Outdoor Use Indoors and Outdoors
Victor® TIN CAT® Mouse Trap - BULK
Model Number M312
Weight 1.35 oz
Dimensions 10.3 in x 6.3 in x 1.9 in
Increments 12

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