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Victor® Snake-A-Way® Hose-End Spray - 32 oz

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  • Repels venomous & non-venomous snakes
  • Safe to use around plants, people, & pets when used as directed
  • Provides immediate protection from invading snakes
  • Deter snakes around houses, woodpiles, flowerbeds, and more
  • 32 oz bottle treats up to 500 sq ft

Best Used For

Poisonous Snakes
Poisonous Snakes
Non Poisonous Snakes
Non-Poisonous Snakes

Victor® Snake-A-Way® Hose-End Spray

Victor® Snake-A-Way® repellent is tested and proven to repel venomous & non-venomous snakes. The powerful formula protects up to 500 sq ft and allows you to deter snakes from areas around houses, cabins, garages, barns, woodpiles, trashcans, flowerbeds and more. Plus, the convenient hose-end bottle makes it easy to apply anywhere around your property.

A Safe Method of Snake Repelling

A Safe Method of Snake Repelling

When used as directed, Snake-A-Way® is effective at driving away snakes, without causing harm to people, pets or plants. Do not directly apply Snake-A-Way® Hose-End to plants and crops intended for consumption.

Formula Sends Snakes Scurrying

The unique blend of ingredients in Snake-A-Way® work to temporarily disrupt a snake’s sensory receptors via its auxiliary olfactory sense organ, also known as Jacobson’s Organ. This reaction successfully disorients the snake, causing it to slither away unharmed to search for fresh air.

Formula Sends Snakes Scurrying
Easy Application

Easy Application

To apply, simply attach your garden hose tightly to the bottle’s sprayer head and spray the areas you are experiencing snake activity. For better results, apply Snake-A-Way® in a 6-inch wide band around the designated area. This creates an effective barrier to keep snakes out! Repeat the process after heavy rainfall.

Victor® Snake-A-Way® Hose-End Spray Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about Victor® Snake-A-Way® Hose-End Spray? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Victor® Snake-A-Way® Hose-End Spray
Model # VP364HE
Size (weight) 32 oz
Presentation Ready-to-spray
Coverage Area 500 sq ft

Victor® Snake-A-Way® Hose-End Spray - 32 oz
Model # VP364HE
Presentation Ready-to-spray
Size (Weight) 32 oz
For Use Against Venomous & Non-venomous snakes
Bottle Dimensions
  • Height: 11"
  • Diameter: 4.5"
Bottle Type Hose-end sprayer
  • Safe around people, pets, and plants when used as directed
  • Apply in areas around houses, cabins, garages, and more
  • Reapply after heavy rain for best results

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