Victor® Roach Trap and Monitor

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Victor® Roach Trap and Monitor

Our Victor® Roach Trap and Monitor is a more simple and effective method of monitoring roaches, crickets and other crawling insects. The new design with multiple access points and two catch areas gives this trap improved performance and greater trapping power.

The scent in these pre-baited traps lures and traps adult roaches, nymphs and egg cases as well as waterbugs, crickets and other crawling insects.

Quick and easy to assemble. Use as one large trap or separate into two smaller traps. The unique adhesive strip allows you to mount it anywhere -- on walls or under shelves.

The Victor® Roach Trap is poison free and does not harm children, pets or the environment.

  • Uses food-based glue to attract all types of crawling insects
  • Traps cockroaches, crickets, spiders, and more
  • Disposes of easily in the trash (without having to touch the insects!)
  • Made with no poisons or other pesticides

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