Victor® Fast-Kill Refillable Bait Station -20 Refills

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Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Station

Do you have pesky mice scurrying throughout your home? Do you find yourself struggling to catch them with a traditional snap trap? Take it from the professionals at Victor® when there’s a mouse infestation, we’ve got you covered. We are the experts on rodent control and we know how to kill mice fast.


The Victor® Fast- Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Station with 20 Bait Refills is engineered with the popular Fast-Kill® Brand non- anticoagulant formula and 20 refillable bait blocks, mice don’t stand a chance against this powerful combination.

The Fast-Kill® formula offers top quality, bakery- grade ingredients including oats; namely items that rodents find most irresistible throughout your home. The pre-shaped edges of the bait block come from proven research on the history of rodents' eating patterns, making this extremely palatable. Pair this with the non-anticoagulant and rodents won’t make it long after consuming a lethal dose.

Simply fill your Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Station with one bait block, place in areas of high rodent activity and let the single-feed formula kill the mouse. This bait block works effectively because mice are attracted to its shape and gnawing features.

Once you have placed your bait station in a certain area of your home, check it every few days and dispose of exterminated mice appropriately. Be sure to adequately inspect different areas of your home by rotating placement of the bait station every couple of weeks. Not only does this ensure the most effective use of the trap, but it also guarantees infestations are taken care of.

If you’re struggling to find a suitable mouse killer to use throughout your home, look no further. The Refillable Bait Station by Victor® is one of the most effective ways to kill mice because rodents will eat until the formula takes effect and kills them. This method will allow you to have more control over mice with less bait. With this product, you are guaranteed to eliminate your rodent problems.

Victor® Fast-Kill® Brand Refillable Bait Station

Product Features:

  • Contains Bromethalin
  • Single-feed non-anticoagulant
  • Ideal for quick-knock down of rodent populations
  • Easy to use – simply place bait station near sign of rodent activity
  • Economical – kills more mice with less bait
  • Unique formulation of high quality ingredients that are highly palatable
  • Pre-shaped, gnaw edges derived from rodent feeding patterns
  • Sealed pack keeps bait fresh

Made in the U.S.A.

  • 1 refillable bait station
  • 20 bait refills

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