Victor® Electronic Rat Trap

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UPC: #072868654329
  • Quickly kills rats and mice with a humane, high-voltage shock
  • No-See, No-Touch™ disposal of rodents
  • Green LED light lets you know when there's a catch
  • Kills up to 35 rats per set of four AA batteries
  • For indoor use only
  • Includes 1 trap

Victor® Electronic Rat Trap

The Victor® Electronic Rat Trap is the ultimate in rodent control. It works by delivering a humane, high-voltage shock to kill rats and mice that enter the chamber. Featuring a sleek, simple design, this trap allows for easy setup and No-See, No-Touch™ disposal. The trap also uses convenient LED lights to alert you of catches and low battery power.

Electronic Rat Trap
Quick, Humane Kill

Quick, Humane Kill

Once powered on, the Victor® Electronic Rat Trap uses smart circuit technology to deliver a humane, high-voltage shock, effectively killing rats and mice. This powerful device can kill up to 35 rats per set of batteries, making it a great value when you’re dealing with a sizable infestation.

No-See, No-Touch™ Disposal

With the Victor® Electronic Rat Trap, disposing of rats is a breeze. After a catch, an LED light blinks green, so you know when it’s time to empty the trap. Then just power off the trap and empty the chamber into the trash without ever having to touch the dead rodent. There’s no mess and no rodent contact.

No-See, No-Touch™ Disposal
Easy to Use

Easy to Use

The Victor® Electronic Rat Trap takes the hassle out of eliminating rats. To use, apply a small amount of bait on the rear shock plate, turn the trap on, and place it along the wall near signs of rodent activity. In case of false triggers, this trap has an automatic re-arming feature so it can be triggered again without you needing to reset it.

Victor® Electronic Rat Trap
Model Number M241B
Quantity 1 trap
Batteries required 4 “AA” batteries (not included)
Kills Per Setting 1
Kill Method Humane, high voltage shock
LED light alerts
  • Trap enabled: Green light flashes after switching ON
  • Rodent caught: Green light flashes every 10 seconds (up to 1 week)
  • Low battery: Red light flashed every 10 seconds
Where to use Indoors only
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