TERRO® Window Fly Traps

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UPC: #070923834761
SCC: #30070923834762
  • Lures & traps flies and other flying insects
  • Fits easily in most windows
  • Each trap lasts for months
  • Includes 4 window fly traps
  • No baiting required

Product Description:

Spider Killer

Everyone has experienced a moment sitting at home enjoying peaceful relaxation when suddenly a fly is buzzing right by your head. Then your relaxing moment turns into a hunt to eliminate it. With the TERRO® Window Fly Traps, you can let the trap take care of the hunt for you. Simply remove the adhesive strip from the back of the trap, attach the trap to a window where you commonly see flies, and then remove the front adhesive strip.

The trap features special technology to lure and trap flying insects without baiting, so you can just sit back and catch flies and other flying insects effortlessly. Best of all, the trap lasts for months, so you can have some peace of mind without having to constantly check your trap. When it’s time to replace, simply remove the trap from the window and toss it into the trash. Then replace with a new trap. This package includes 4 traps, so you can place them on multiple windows around your home. For your convenience, the TERRO® Fly Magnet® Window Fly Trap is suitable for use with most windows.

TERRO® Window Fly Traps
Model Number T520
Weight .008 lb
Dimensions .25 x 8.63 x 1.88 in
Includes 4 Window fly traps

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