TERRO® Fire Ant Bait - 2 lb

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  • Effective against fire ants - kills the queen, kills the mound
  • Fast-acting, odor-free granules kill ants in about 24 hours
  • Helps to prevent new mounds for up to 2 months
  • Convenient shaker bag allows for mound application or broad treatment
  • Resealable 2 lb shaker bag treats up to 30,000 sq ft

TERRO® Fire Ant Bait

With TERRO® Fire Ant Bait, fire ant mounds will be a thing of the past! These odor-free bait granules can be applied directly to mounds or used as a broad treatment throughout your yard. The convenient shaker bag allows for easy application in either case. The granules are attractive and deadly to imported red fire ants as well as harvester ants. Once applied, ants quickly find the bait and carry it inside the mound to share it with the entire colony, including the queen. This 2 lb bag treats up to 30,000 sq ft, giving you plenty of coverage.

How to Apply

How to Apply

To apply directly to ant mounds, sprinkle the bait evenly over and around mounds in a 4-ft diameter circle. Apply gently to avoid disturbing ants. To use as a broadcast treatment, spread the bait evenly over the infested area with a handheld or ground-driven rotary broadcast spreader. For best results, apply when ants are active – usually in the early morning or late evening when foraging is at its peak. Extremely large mounds may require repeat application.

Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting

When used as a direct mound application, ants will start dying within 24 to 36 hours, with colony destruction happening in 3 to 14 days. Broadcast applications may take longer. By combining mound and broadcast applications, TERRO® Fire Ant Bait granules can control visible mounds and help prevent new mounds from forming. The long-lasting granules provide control for up to 2 months.

Fast-Acting and Long-Lasting
Put a stop to fire ants

Put A Stop To Fire Ants

Fire ants are nothing short of a nuisance. These ants are aggressive and sting their prey with a generous dose of venom. This venom leads to burning, itching, and discomfort. Some fire ants can build massive colonies as large as 500,000 worker ants per colony. Luckily, when you have fire ants invading your property, you can turn to TERRO® Fire Ant Bait!

TERRO® Fire Ant Bait Product Details

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TERRO® Fire Ant Bait
Model # T708
Includes 2 lb Resealable Shaker Bag of TERRO® Fire Ant Bait
Effective Against Red Imported Fire Ants and Harvester Ants/td>
TERRO® Fire Ant Bait - 2 lb
Model # T708
Includes 2 lb Shaker Bag of TERRO® Fire Ant Bait
Active Ingredients spinosad
Effective Against Red Imported Fire Ants and Harvester Ants

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