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TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert

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  • Lures & traps clothes moths
  • No mothball odor
  • Helps protect clothes & furnishings
  • Safe, non-toxic & pesticide-free when used as directed
  • 1 pack (Includes 2 traps with pheromone lure)

TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert

The larvae of webbing clothes moths are a destructive pest that target natural fibers, including wool, fur and certain fabric blends. These pests can go undetected for a long time, leaving your favorite clothes and fabrics permanently damaged. TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert captures clothes moths before they lay eggs. The presence of trapped moths will alert you of a possible infestation.

Uses for Clothes Moth Alert

TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert can be used in and around fabric storage areas. Clothes Moths will be drawn to the pheromone lures in the glue traps, which stops them before they complete their next reproductive cycle.

Most importantly, the presence of clothes moths in your Clothes Moth Alert trap will alert you to the potential of an infestation. Once detected, you should dry clean all clothing or run it through a washing machine. Rugs and furniture with natural fabric should be steam cleaned.

Taking these measures will help to eliminate the clothes moth larvae, which do the actual damage.

How Does Clothes Moth Alert Work?

TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert uses a powerful pheromone to draw clothes moths from their hiding places and into the glue trap. The trap is a simple cardboard structure with a sticky glue on the inside. Prior to deploying the Clothes Moth Alert in your home or business, open up the lure packet and drop the lure on the glue surface.

Once the lure is added, clothes moths will be attracted to the pheromone, land on the glue surface and be unable to escape. Additionally, the design of the Clothes Moth Alert keeps pets and small children from easily accessing the sticky glue surface. Best of all? There's no mothball smell to TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert!

Placement of Clothes Moth Alert

For the best results, place the TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert at eye level in a room or closet. You can also place them underneath dressers, inside drawers or in cabinets that contain fabrics targeted by the clothes moth larvae. Hang from a string or clothes hanger as necessary.

Replace the TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert every 12 weeks, or more frequently as needed.

TERRO® Clothes Moth Alert
Model Number T720
  • 2 traps
  • 1 pheromone lure
Effective Against Clothes Moths (adults)
How it Works
  • Traps active moths
  • Alerts of new moth infestations
Recommended Usage
  • Closets
  • Under dressers
  • Drawers where clothing is stored
  • Inside cabinets where clothing is stored

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