Smart-Kill™ Wi-Fi Enabled Electronic

Mouse & Rat Traps

We live in a connected world. Your trap can too.
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3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Download the
Victor® App

Connect trap to
Wi-Fi network

Monitor trap with your mobile device

Smart-Kill™ for Your Smart Home

Put traps in hard to reach places

Monitor traps from anywhere via the user-friendly mobile app. The Victor® app is able to monitor an unlimited number of traps simultaneously. Receive kill alerts on your mobile device and only check traps when alerted.

Safety features protect kids and pets

Built in safety switch ensures trap is off when lid is open to help protect children and pets. Patented design and beveled columns prevent rodent escapes and aid in safety of kids and pets.

Easy Cleanup

Removable kill chamber allows for no-touch disposal of dead rodents – simply open and empty into trash.

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Features Snap Traps Electronic Smart-Kill Wi-Fi
Humane, quick kill      
Convenient bait cup for
effortless bait application
High voltage shock for
100% kill rate
Easy cleanup via removable
kill chamber
Safety features to help
protect children and pets
App notifications      
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What Our Customers Say


“If you're like me, 'set and forget' means literally forgetting.”

Wouldn't we all prefer have our phone rather than our nose let us know when we've caught a mouse? If you're like me, 'set and forget' means literally forgetting, after which you pretty much have to throw the trap and the fossilized mouse remains in the trash. That's why I was happy to install the Victor M1 Smart-Kill system that is the latest addition to my smart home pantheon. I set the trap outside (within my home wi-fi network range) to be sure the notification worked as advertised, and was not disappointed. The trap is pet proof and mouse disposal is simple / fuss free. - Ria

“It happened to be my birthday, so it was a birthday mouse.”

OMG! This worked so well. We set it up about a week ago and it finally alerted me on Saturday morning that we got a mouse. It happened to be my birthday, so it was a birthday mouse. I feel bad having to kill them but honestly, if they weren't in my house, I would leave them alone. It was easy to setup and the alert worked really well. Very pleased with this. - Nikki W.

“This is kind of amazing, actually.”

This is kind of amazing, actually. Very easy to bait, easy to eject the carcass, and notifies you via your phone that you've caught the mouse. It was easy to set up with my wi-fi and works dependably. - Kathi D.


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