Safer® Brand Deluxe Yellow Jacket Wasp Trap Bait

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  • Compatible with Safer® Brand Deluxe Yellow Jacket / Wasp Trap
  • Comes with 1 pack of 3 bait refills
  • Uses food as bait
  • 100% pesticide free
  • Food attractant

Safer® Brand Yellow Jacket™ Trap Bait

Save your picnic! The Safer® Brand Yellow Jacket™ Trap Bait lures yellow jackets to the trap, ultimately trapping them. Bait is pesticide-free.

Directions for Use:

Caution: The attractant is very powerful. Hang traps away from human activity. Yellow jackets can sting and cause allergic reactions in some people.

  1. Use extreme caution when maintaining or baiting traps. Bait and assemble the trap indoors. Before opening trap to replace bait, look to make sure all yellow jackets are dead.
  2. Open trap. Cut off top of squeeze tube. Depending on type of trap, empty contents of tube onto attractant pad, cotton ball or other absorbent material.
  3. Re-assemble trap. Wash hands to remove any attractant before hanging trap. Store unused attractants out of reach of children in a cool, dark place.
Safer®Brand Deluxe Yellow Jacket Wasp Trap Bait
Model Number 02006
Quantity 1 pack of 3 bait refills
Pesticide-Free Yes
For Use With Safer® Brand deluxe yellow jacket™ trap
Traps Yellow jackets and wasps
Contains Food attractant

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