Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent Granules - OMRI Listed® for Organic Use

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  • Repels Raccoons, Skunks, Dogs, Cats, Squirrels, Groundhogs & Chipmunks
  • Uses oil of black pepper, piperine & capsaicin to repel
  • Repel by odor, repel by taste
  • Each application lasts up to 30 days
  • Apply with lawn spreader or by hand
  • OMRI Listed® and compliant for use in organic gardening
  • Available Sizes - 2 lb or 4 lb

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Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent Granules

Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® Animal Repellent works to protect your yard from wildlife and stray pets. Without harming the animal, the dual-action formula repels by overwhelming their sense of smell and taste. Thanks to highly potent active ingredients, these granules are fast acting, teaching the pests quickly to avoid the area. Use Critter Ridder® to protect your lawn and flowerbeds from raccoons, groundhogs, cats, dogs, and more. One application provides up to 30 days of critter protection. Available in 2 lb or 5 lb canister.

Scoop with capsaisin and hot pepper

Simple and Effective

Critter Ridder® contains three intense ingredients that trigger the animal’s senses and teach them to avoid the area. The granules inside the canister combine piperine, oil of black pepper and capsaicin to create a strong repellent that causes an unpleasant taste and smell for nuisance animals.

How to Use Critter Ridder®

Critter Ridder® comes in a convenient shaker container, allowing you to apply it directly to specific areas. You can also use a lawn spreader or put some gloves on and spread it by hand. The 2 lb canister is able to protect up to 120 square feet for the 2 lb and 300 sq ft for the 5 lb canister. Apply the granules to a variety of areas, such as:

  • Lawns
  • Flowerbeds
  • Attics & basements
  • Sheds & garages
  • Storage Areas
  • Barns
  • Near Trash Cans
Near Barns
Near Trash Cans

30 Days of Protection

Critter Ridder® delivers a long-lasting defense for the areas you want to protect. Just one application of this potent animal repellent provides up to 30 days of protection from raccoons, cats, dogs, skunks, and other animals.

30 Days of Protection
OMRI Listed

OMRI Listed® for Organic Lawns

Organic lawncare methods help to create a sustainable yard that feeds the soil it grows in. As a result, your grass becomes healthy and vibrant. Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® has been third-party reviewed for use in organic production by the Organic Materials Review Institute to carry the OMRI Listed® seal, which means it has been deemed compliant for use in organic production by the USDA’s National Organic Program.

Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about Safer® Brand Critter Ridder®? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® Animal
Repellent Granules
Model # C592G
Sizes Available 2 lb canister, 5 lb canister
Presentation Granules
Coverage Area 120 sq ft, or 300 sq ft
Active Ingredients
  • Oil of Black Pepper
  • Piperine
  • Capsaicin
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including crystalline silica, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Safer® Brand Critter Ridder® - 2 lb or 5 lb
Model # C592G
Sizes Available 2 lb or 5 lb
Presentation Granules
Coverage Area 2 lb -(120 sq ft) 5 lb -(300 sq ft)
Active Ingredients
  • Oil of Black Pepper
  • Piperine
  • Capsaicin
For Use Against
  • Cats
  • Chipmunks
  • Dogs
  • Groundhogs
  • Raccoons
  • Skunks
  • Squirrels
  • OMRI Listed®: Compliant for use in organic production
  • Each application lasts about 30 days
Usage Notes
  • Apply on sunny, dry days.
  • Apply as a border protection, or in specific areas, such as around trash cans or on flowerbeds.
  • Do not apply to foilage or shrubs or to ornamental soft-bodied plants.
  • Do not apply to food or to feed crops.
  • When hand applying, always wear gloves.
  • In a spreader, apply at a rate of 1 lb per 40 sq ft
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