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Perky-Pet® Terra Cotta and Black Sunflower Tube Bird Feeder

$29.99 MSRP
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UPC: #633686003425
SCC: #20633686003429
  • No plastic, No wood
  • Large 2 lb black oil sunflower seed capacity for each feeder
  • Ability to feed up to 15 birds at one time with each feeder
  • Attracts both clinging and perching birds
  • Patented design can be hung or pole-mounted
Perky-Pet Sunflower Tube Feeder

Perky-Pet® Sunflower Tube Feeder

The functional and attractive design of the Perky-Pet® Sunflower Tube Feeder makes it a must-have for any backyard birder. A terracotta baffle and tray combined with a black mesh seed tube add style and flair to your yard or garden.

The Perky-Pet® Sunflower Tube Bird Feeder is constructed without the use of plastic or wood components. Its all-over metal mesh construction stands up against squirrels and other small animals that may try to access birdseed, and a patented baffle attached to the top of the feeder provides added squirrel protection.

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A wide variety, and large amount, of birds will be attracted to the Perky-Pet® Sunflower Tube Bird Feeder, as it can feed up to 15 birds at one time. Black mesh attracts clinging birds while perching birds will appreciate the attached seed tray. A large, two pounds seed capacity holds black oil sunflower seed, the most popular seed among backyard birds.

The low-maintenance Perky-Pet® Sunflower Tube Bird Feeder mesh bird feeder has a twist off cap and base and easily comes apart for cleaning. We recommend cleaning your Perky-Pet® tube bird feeder every two weeks. Start by removing excess seed, then wash with a mild soap and water solution. We do not recommend washing your bird feeders in the dishwasher. Perfect for all climates and weather patterns, the use of metal mesh allows rain and snow to blow right though. No assembly is required, so you’ll be able to fill, hang, and enjoy as birds feed in your backyard!

The Perky-Pet® Sunflower Tube Bird Feeder can be hung or pole-mounted, making it ideal for your yard, garden, porch, or patio! Simply hang your feeder with the Perky-Pet® 33" Hanging Chain or use Perky-Pet® Mounting Pole Kit to mount your Perky-Pet® Sunflower Tube Feeder.

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