Perky-Pet® Oriole Nectar Concentrate - 32 fl oz

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  • 100% sucrose formula - the best simulation of natural flower nectar for birds
  • Orange color attracts orioles
  • Make up to 128 fl oz of nectar with this concentrate
  • Store extra premixed nectar in the refrigerator
  • Save space by mixing only what is needed
Perky-Pet<sup>®</sup> Oriole Nectar Concentrate – 32 oz. Bottle

Perky-Pet® Oriole Nectar Concentrate 32 oz Bottle

Our 32 oz bottle of Perky-Pet® Oriole Nectar Concentrate makes the perfect nectar to attract beautiful orioles to your back yard. Formulated with 100% sucrose, the oriole nectar can be an important source of energy for orioles as they hunt for bugs and fruit. This bottle of concentrate can make up to 128 oz of oriole nectar.

The chart below is a guide on the more common oriole feeder capacities and how much concentrate and water to use to get to your desired fluid ounces of nectar

Mixing Instructions
Liquid Concentrate Water (fl oz) Total Nectar (fl oz)
4 tbsp 6 8
6 tbsp 9 12
8 tbsp 12 16
12 tbsp 18 24
16 tbsp 24 32
22 tbsp 32 48
Perky-Pet® Oriole Nectar Concentrate - 32 fl oz
Model Number 4801
Weight 2.38 lb
Dimensions 8 in H × 3.25 in W × 3.25 in D
Total 128 fl oz of nectar with concentrate
Formula 100% sucrose

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