Perky-Pet® Designer Sunflower Single Tier Bird Feeder

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UPC: #633686003869
SCC: #20633686003863
  • No plastic, No wood
  • Perch ring attracts more birds and helps them stay longer on the feeder
  • 1 lb black oil sunflower seed or safflower seed capacity
  • Premium materials and high-quality components for lasting durability
  • Attracts both clinging and perching birds
Perky-Pet<sup>®</sup> Designer Single Tier Wild Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet® Designer Single Tier Wild Bird Feeder

The Perky-Pet® Designer Single Feeder’s eye-popping yellow finish will be a favorite of yours and your feathered friends! The all-over metal mesh used for this feeder makes it stand the test of time and allows you to enjoy it for years and years.

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Without the use of plastic or wood components, the premium construction of the Perky-Pet® Designer Single Feeder resists squirrel damage. Additional squirrel protection can be achieved using a squirrel baffler like the Perky-Pet® Transparent Squirrel Baffler.

A one-pound seed capacity holds safflower seed or black oil sunflower seed—the most popular seed among backyard birds. The mesh wire design and attached perches attract both clinging and perching birds so you’ll have a larger variety and volume of beautiful birds feeding in your yard or garden.

The design of this Perky-Pet® Designer collapsible mesh bird feeder is easy to clean and when not in use, can collapse for easy storage. We recommend to clean your feeder every two weeks. Start by getting rid of excess seed in the feeder, then wash with a mild soap and water solution. The included handle on the Perky-Pet® Designer Single Feeder allows the feeder to hang on a tree branch or from a Perky-Pet® Universal Bird Feeder Pole. For up close bird watching hang it from the Perky-Pet® Adjustable Railing Hook.


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