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Perky-Pet® Birdie B&B Wood Chalet Bird Feeder

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UPC: #078978121157
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  • Wood feeder with clear side panels to view seed levels
  • Twist-To-Lock keeps lid secure to keep squirrels out
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Roof overhang keeps seed dry & fresh
  • 2 lb seed capacity
Perky-Pet Birdie B&B Wood Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet® Birdie B&B Wood Bird Feeder

Invite your feathered friends to be your guests at the Perky-Pet® Birdie B&B Wood Bird Feeder! This quaint feeder features a unique B&B silhouette with charming details such as etching around the ports and a light blue roof with a country-style “weather vane”. The roof overhang provides the added benefit of keeping seed dry and protecting birds from inclement weather.

For your convenience, the roof-like lid is removable so you can easily fill and clean your feeder, ensuring that your backyard birds always have access to fresh seed! Additionally, this feeder features Twist-To-Lock™ technology, which tightly secures the lid to resist squirrels.

Wooden feeder is holds up to 2 lb of sunflower or mixed seed and has clear side panels, which allow you to monitor seed levels at a glance. To accommodate multiple birds simultaneously, this feeder offers four feeding ports with metal perches. There’s also a feeding tray for birds who prefer not to dine from feeding ports.

Plus, this feeder comes with an attached hanging wire, allowing you to hang the feeder in a location you can easily view. Your bird visitors are sure to feel like honored guests at the delightful Birdie B&B Feeder!

Why Birds Love It:

  • Generous roof overhang helps to keep birds and seed dry in any weather.
  • Multiple perches and feeding tray accommodate several birds at the same time.
  • Holds up to 2 lb of sunflower or mixed seed, a preferred variety for many wild birds.

Why You'll Love It:

  • The top can be removed easily for quick and simple filling and cleaning.
  • Wooden B&B design will make a charming addition to any outdoor décor.
  • Twist-To-Lock™ technology secure lid tightly for squirrel resistance.
  • Clear side panels allow for easy monitoring of seed levels at a glance.
Perky-Pet® Birdie B&B Wood Chalet Bird Feeder
Model Number 50182
Weight 2.05 lb
Dimensions 12.75 in H × 7.09 in W × 7.09 in D
Roof Overhang Keeps seed dry and fresh
Capacity 2 lb of seed

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