Mosquito Magnet® 50 ft Power Cord for Liberty Patriot & Defender Traps

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  • 50 ft power cord
  • For use with corded Mosquito Magnet® Liberty, Patriot & Defender Traps mosquito traps
  • Extra length gives you more options for locating the Mosquito Magnet®

Mosquito Magnet® 50 ft Power Cord Replacement Part

Replacement Power cord for your Mosquito Magnet® Defender, Patriot and Liberty mosquito traps purchased before January 2013.

If your Mosquito Magnet® Patriot trap was purchased after December 31, 2012, please refer to item number MM120021 for your replacement power cord.

Our Mosquito Magnet® 50 ft Power Cord allows you to place the Mosquito Magnet® away from your family and closer to mosquito breeding areas, lessening the chance of your family being bitten.

The length gives you options for placing the Mosquito Magnet® in your yard.

Note: Corded Mosquito Magnet® traps come with a power cord. This is a replacement part.

Mosquito Magnet® 50 ft Power Cord for Liberty, Patriot & Defender Traps
Model Number MM120001
Weight 2.78 lbs
Length 50 feet
Compatible Traps For use with Defender, Liberty & Patriot traps manufactured before 2013

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