Green Garden Fence Post

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Zareba® 30 Inch Green Garden Fence Post

The Zareba® 30 Inch Green Garden Fence Post has 8 clips that hold wire at a variety of heights. This lightweight post is ideal for use in temporary fencing.

  • Eight Clips to hold wire and a variety of heights
  • Lightweight post is ideal for use in temporary fencing
  • Molded from reinforced, heavy duty plastic with ribbing in the I-Beam shaft for extra strength

Best Used For

Temporary Fencing
Livestock Pens
Gardening & Growing
Crowd Control
Boundary Marking

Zareba® 30-Inch Green Garden Fence Post

With Zareba® 30-Inch Green Garden Fence Post, Its eight molded clips make it easy to customize the height of fencing to match your needs, and they effortlessly hold a wide range of materials. The reinforced plastic construction of this post helps extend the lifespan of your fence, and its green color blends with landscaping and shrubbery, which helps you control the boundaries of your property without altering the visual appearance of the area.

Lightweight and mobile

Lightweight and Highly Mobile

Whether you want to keep small pets in a designated space or curious animals such as rabbits and groundhogs out of garden beds, the lightweight design of this fence post is ideal for constructing seasonal and temporary barriers on your property. It features a 6 inch stake that is easy to insert into the ground so you can quickly install a fence wherever one is needed, and the ribbed design helps boost stability, ensuring the post remains upright and secure.

Customizable Fencing

The eight clips spread along the length of this garden post let you simultaneously attach multiple wires at regular intervals, and they support a variety of materials, including steel, aluminum, and polywire. Because these molded hooks are easy to work with, you can effortlessly set the height of the finished fence to meet your project requirements and adjust it over time if the need arises. This makes it simple to design an enclosure for holding small pets or set a perimeter that blocks unwanted animals from entering your yard.

customizable fencing
lasting durability

Lasting Durability

Engineered to be long-lasting, this heavy-duty fence post is constructed with reinforced plastic. This insulating material helps prevent the unwanted grounding of electric fences and keeps them functioning as intended. In addition to enhancing safety, the durable plastic boasts a strong UV-resistance, which helps the post withstand damage caused by installation in locations such as lawns and flower beds that receive long periods of sunlight each day.

Five Stars

"These are great little fence posts for the price. They seem really sturdy and I like the multiple levels for the clips.”

Zareba® 30-Inch Green Garden Fence Post Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Zareba® 30-Inch Green Garden Fence Post? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Zareba® 30-Inch Green Garden Fence Post
Model # P-30G
Material Ribbed I-beam shafted construction, durable UV-resistant plastic
Color Green
Fence Wire Type Steel or aluminum wire, polywire

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