Fiberglass Step-In Fence Post with Clips

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  • Lightweight and durable 4-foot step-in fence post (40 inches exposed above ground)
  • Ideal for temporary fencing and rotational grazing
  • Clips hold traditional wire, polywire, polyrope and polytape (up to 2 inches wide)
  • Fence post will not rust
  • Easy to install and bends upon impact
  • Also used for boundary line-markings, decorations, and gardening
  • Not designed for permanent use

Best Used For

Temporary Fencing
Livestock Pens
Gardening & Growing
Crowd Control
Boundary Marking

Zareba® Fiberglass Step-In Fence Post

The Zareba® Fiberglass Step-In Fence Post is 4-feet tall and allows for varied fence heights. Four insulator clips hold either traditional wire or poly products to the post to ensure a fast an easy installation. Simply step-in the fence post and set up your temporary fencing needs. Have other plans? Use these simple posts for other projects like rotational grazing, boundary markers, gardening tools, even crowd control!

simple and strong post

Simple And Strong Post

Fiberglass ensures a strength like steel, but with less weight! These posts have a slight bend upon impact but provide a strong post that you can trust. These fiberglass step-in posts will not rust throughout the varying weather and can provide a fast solution to any temporary fencing needs!

4 Clips For Varied Fence Heights

This 4-foot fence post ends up being 40” above ground once the step-in spike is in the ground. The four built-in clips along the fiberglass post allow for varied heights when setting up your temporary fence. These clips have two inserts which allow for traditional wire, polywire, polyrope and even polytape up to 2”. Hang one wire, or several strands, the post will adapt to meet your needs. The clips are set at the following heights when measured from the top of the step-in flange. Heights do vary only by a half inch depending on which slide of the insulator clip you use.

Varied Fence Height
simple and strong post

Step-In Made Simple

No need to rent a post-driver when you have a simple step-in post! The Zareba® Fiberglass Step-In Fence Post includes a step-in flange that allows for an anchored position in the ground. Simply step on the foot hold and the pointed post will slide into the ground with ease! The post will remain secure and hold its place thanks to the built-in anti-rotation spike.

Zareba® Fiberglass Step-In Fence Post Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Zareba® Fiberglass Step-In Fence Post? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Zareba® Fiberglass Step-In Fence Post
Model # FGPC100
Materials Fiberglass
Color Gray, black clips
Total Post Height 4 ft (40 inches above ground)
Model # FW-00001T
Material Aluminum
Length 1/4 Mile
Gauge 17
Breaking Load 90 lb
Tensile Strength 38,000 psi
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