Fi-Shock® Garden & Pet Charger

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  • Light-duty energizer perfect for garden protection
  • Electrifies up to one mile under optimal conditions
  • Pulsing output for improved safety
  • Powered by two D-cell batteries
  • Perfect for areas without electricity

Fi-Shock® Garden & Pet Energizer

Protect your garden greens and flowerbed beauties with the Garden & Pet Electric Fence Energizer from Fi-Shock®. This battery-powered fence charger works with your electric fence kit to provide a mild, corrective shock whenever a pet or pest comes in contact with your fence.

Garden Protection

electric fence charger

The Garden & Pet Electric Fence Energizer will be a huge help to gardeners looking to protect their prized plants and flowers from rabbits, gophers, groundhogs and other small pest animals that love to dine in the garden, flowerbed or pond.

Set up your electric fence around the perimeter of your favorite flowerbed, garden or pond and attach the Garden & Pet Electric Fence Energizer. Whenever pest animals come in contact with an energized fence, they get a zap that makes them think twice about ever coming back again.

Animal Safety

While the Garden & Pet Electric Fence Energizer delivers an electric shock to anything that comes in contact with it, there’s no real threat to the animal. The shock is intermittent—about one zap every second—and that gives animals ample time to react between each charge.

Further, the electrical output is relatively low, about 7.5 kilovolts, and ideal for small animals, including those that are dog-sized and smaller.

Simple Power Source

The Garden & Pet Electric Fence Energizer runs on two D-Cell batteries. You don’t need to attach it to your electrical system or run power cords into your garden.

How to Install

  1. Install energizer in an area sheltered from severe weather.
  2. Run insulated wire from your fence.
  3. Run insulated wire from the ground rod.
  4. Install batteries and test with a fence tester.
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