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Fi-Shock® 2 Mile AC Low Impedance Charger

$41.99 MSRP
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UPC: #017051512109
SCC: #30017051512100
  • 2 Mile range in ideal conditions
  • High-power, low-cost
  • Plugs directly into the power outlet with no power cord
  • Fence terminals are on bottom of unit for protection from direct rain
  • Input Voltage: 110-120 VAC, 60 Hz,.027 A, 10 W; Output Joule rating: 0.07

Fi-Shock® 2 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Fence Charger

With a 2-mile range, the Fi-Shock® 2 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Fence Charger is ideal for powering small fences without a large investment. Because the unit runs on AC power rather than batteries, it requires less maintenance and can be counted on to deliver trouble-free operation in almost any condition. Installation is quick and easy!

Perfect for Small Animals

Perfect for Small Animals

Count on this 2 Mile Fence Charger to protect your homestead or farm! This plug-in energizer is designed to provide up to 2 miles of electric fencing with enough power to safely contain poultry and other small wildlife. This low impedance charger has 1-second intervals of power along the fence line, which allows animals to quickly release from the fence after they make contact.

Little, But Powerful

When connected to a standard electrical outlet, the Fi-Shock® 2 Mile Charger delivers a pulsating current, safe for containing small animals. This energizer is excellent for use in homesteads, and small farms. When calculating your energizer needs, be sure to account for the fact that this energizers’ s 2-mile range will be shortened if you are constructing a double- or triple-strand fence. The 2-mile range is accurate for one strand of wire, in weed-free conditions. Bear in mind that tall grass and weeds can draw power from your fencing and limit its effectiveness.

Little but Powerful
Protect the Energizer

Protect the Energizer

With its rugged housing, the 2 Mile Fence Charger is built for year-round use in a variety of conditions. Because the unit has exposed connectors and plugs directly into an outlet, it should be installed in a sheltered location to eliminate the risk of damage from rain and snow. Another way you can protect your charger and fence is with proper grounding. A properly grounded electric fence will reduce unnecessary strain on the energizer. Install 3 ground rods 10 ft apart and within 20 ft of the fence charger and use our insulated cable for any grounding connections.

Learn How to Install an AC Fence Charger

See what it takes to properly install your AC electric fence charger.


Fi-Shock® 2 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Fence Charger Product Details

Do you want to know more helpful details about the Fi-Shock® 2 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Fence Charger? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Fi-Shock® 2 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Fence Charger
Model # EA2M-FS
Output Energy 0.07 joules
Power Source AC Plug-in, now power cord
Distance Rating Up to 2 miles
Animals Controlled Poultry, and other small animals and wildlife
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Fi-Shock® 2 Mile AC Low Impedance Charger
Model # EA2M-FS
Power Source AC-Plug-in, plugs directly into the outlet, no power cord
Fence Line Types High tensile steel, aluminum wire, polywire, polyrope, polytape
Distance Rating Up to 2 miles under optimal conditions, weeds and poly products will reduce power on fence line
Recommended for Controlling Poultry, rabbits, raccoons, groundhogs, foxes, and other small wildlife
Warranty 1-Year Limited Warranty from date of purchase, includes damage from lightning

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