Fi-Shock® 12 1/2 Gauge Insulated Cable

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UPC: #017051255525
SCC: #00017051255525
  • For above ground or below ground use
  • Made of non-conductive high-density polyethylene
  • Cable surrounds a 12.5 gauge 170,000 psi, class 3 galvanized wire
  • 200 ft coil of cable

Fi-Shock® 200 Ft, 12 1/2 Gauge Insulated Cable

Link fencing with ease by using Fi-Shock® 200 Ft, 12 1/2 Gauge Insulated Cable. This durable Class 3 galvanized wire is suitable for use both above and below ground. This thickly shielded cable can be used to bridge gaps between fences, keeping the circuit going. This affordable wiring is a good choice for semi-permanent and permanent fence extensions.

high voltage rating

High Voltage Rating for Powerful Fences

This 12 ½ gauge insulated cable is rated for up to 20,000 volts, which makes it a good choice for powerful electric fences. Keep your horse or cattle fences running reliably with Fi-Shock® Cables. These outdoor-use cables get the power to where it needs to be.

Class 3 Galvanized Wire Lasts a Lifetime

Thanks to thick insulation, this Class 3 galvanized wire is rugged and durable. The wire can be expected to last the lifetime of the fence. Rated to 170,000 PSI, the wire is strong enough for use on horse fences. Because this insulated cable is suitable for use underground or aboveground, you can rely on this fence wire to withstand the changing of the seasons.

galvanized wire lasts a lifetime
long spool easy installation

Long Spool for Easy Installation

Each spool is loaded with 200 ft of cable, made to carry a charge over long distances. The spool is made from a non-conductive material and spins freely to make laying the wire a breeze. Steel wire can be used with any type of charger and will carry a charge for a long distance. These properties make the wire a good choice for permanent fencing, gate connections, and two-wire systems.

Five Stars

"I was very pleased with my purchase of 12.5 gauge insulated cable for the grounding system of my electric fence. I called Zareba with a question and received immediate, accurate advice which I greatly appreciate!! The quality of the cable was excellent!”

Fi-Shock® 200 Ft, 12 1/2 Gauge Insulated Cable Product Details

Interested in learning more about the Fi-Shock® 200 Ft, 12 1/2 Gauge Insulated Cable? Take a closer look at the in-depth specifications for this product.

Fi-Shock® 200 Ft, 12 1/2 Gauge Insulated Cable
Model # 500-552
Gauge 12 1/2
Ratings Class 3 galvanized, high density polyethylene
Materials Non-conductive, high-density polyethylene
WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including lead and lead compounds, which are known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to
Fi-Shock® 200 Ft 12 ½ Gauge Insulated Cable
Model # 500-552
Material 12 ½ Gauge copper wire and non-conductive, high-density polyethylene
Quantity 200 ft per reel

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