Tight on Space

Help Everyone Enjoy Bird Feeding

If you have customers who want to feed birds, there’s a wide selection of Perky-Pet® bird feeders available. However, some of your customers may not have huge backyards. In fact, some of them may not have a yard at all!

Renters, for example, may have a common yard. Customers that live in a condo may only have a sliver of space that they can call their own. Those issues will make people wonder how they can feed their feathered friends.

Whether they recently moved to a new home with less yard space, or they are living in an apartment and eager to feed the birds, you can be there to help. With these tips, you can help your customers feed the birds they love, even if it seems like there’s no space to do so. In just a week or two, their yard will quickly become the most popular place on the block to their new bird friends!

hummingbirds at feeder

Choose the Right Feeder and the Right Seed

If your customer has a small backyard, or just a balcony, there are plenty of options for you store from Perky-Pet® and seed suppliers:

  • FEEDER OPTION 1 -- TUBE FEEDERS: Suggest a traditional, small tube feeder as a great option. This feeder holds smaller quantities of seed, and therefore requires less space. Suspend these feeders in a tree, hook them on a wire, position them off an overhang or mount one on a pole.
  • FEEDER OPTION 2 -- SUCTION-CUP FEEDERS: An excellent option for many renters are window-mounted feeders. These feeders are small and designed to suction directly to a window. Suction-cup feedersare especially great if they’re aiming to attract small birds, including finches and sparrows. Window feeders let your customers get up-close and personal with your feathered friends since the birds are only a window pane away!
  • FEEDER OPTION 3 – HUMMINGBIRD FEEDERS: The great thing about hummingbirds are that they are very tiny birds. Most are smaller than a toy Hot Wheels car! Since they’re small, their feeders are also quite small, too. These feeders are available in many options, including feeders that can hang on hooks, attach to windows or mount on a stand or pole.
  • FOOD OPTION 1 – SUNFLOWER SEED: When it comes to seed, suggest the food that the majority of birds will enjoy – high-energy sunflower seeds. Using sunflower seeds allows a customer to attract a variety of birds while using only one feeder Black-oil sunflower seed is very popular. We suggest filling your feeder with it. Sunflower also brings in more money for your store since its generally more expensive per pound than mixed seed.
  • FOOD OPTION 2 – NECTAR: Hummingbirds will be the primary bird to drink nectar from your hummingbird feeder, but a few other birds may enjoy it too, including orioles, finches, woodpeckers and scrub jays. Make sure to suggest the ease of use of prepared sugar packs and pre-mixed, bottled nectar, both of which are available from Perky-Pet®.

Offer a Drink and a Bath

Let your customers know that having a water supply may draw in an even larger variety of birds, including species that may not ever visit a bird feeder.

Suggest your customer try:

  • WATER OPITION 1 – BIRD WATERERS: These small, bird-feeder sized canisters dispense water instead of seed. Just like a feeder, you can hang them from hooks or on branches. Several varieties of bird waterer are available from Perky-Pet®
  • WATER OPTION 2– BIRD BATHS: While they take up a little more space, bird baths are great since they provide drinking water, perches and bathing opportunities.
cardinal at feeder

Tips for Feeder Placement

Your customers may also need guidance on how to place their bird feeders. If they ask, or if you are hosting a bird feeding workshop, express the following points:

  • TIP 1 – Don’t put the feeder in an open area. This leaves them vulnerable to predators.
  • TIP 2 – Place a feeder close to shelter, but not too close. We mentioned above that predators will exploit feeders left in the open. Predators may also use close-by shelter to launch an ambush. Also, remember that it needs to be in an open place so viewing the feeder is easy for the bird lover!
  • TIP 3 – Window feeders can reduce bird strikes on windows. Birds are often confused by the reflections on windows, causing them to smash into them. A window feeder breaks up the reflection and causes them to slow down.
  • TIP 4 – Avoid windy locations. High winds create two problems for bird feeders. First, birds will have a hard time landing and staying on a bird feeder when it’s windy. High winds can also blow the seed straight out of a bird feeder.
  • TIP 5 – Look below the feeder. If a seed feeder is going up. Look at the ground underneath the feeder. This area is soon likely to be covered in bird seed and bird seed shells. Have a plan for cleaning up this debris.


Trying to bird feed in a limited space is especially tough when it comes to balconies, as placement options are very limited. However, it’s not impossible! Suction cup feeders and those with hanging hooks are the best option.

Most importantly, consider how the landlord will react. For example, be aware that debris accumulating under the feeder, so be considerate if there are other tenants, an air conditioning unit or vents near the feeder.

Bird Feeding Fun

Remind customers that it may take time for their feathered friends to notice the feeder. Don’t let them give up and advise them to physically inspect the feeder every few days, even if they don’t see any activity.

Whether your customer has a small backyard or balcony, taking care of birds is a wonderful hobby.

Just remind your customers that their little friends are always looking for three things: food, water and shelter.

birdfeeding infographic
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