The Best Place for a Glue Trap

Victor® glue traps are an excellent, simple and non-toxic method of rodent control, and your customers may not consider them at first when compared to other mouse and rat control options.

These traps offer a number of benefits that you can explain to your customers, including:

  • No setting or baiting is required.
  • These traps are disposable.
  • It’s possible to release mice and rats trapped on these trays and boards.
  • The traps also catch unwanted insects and spiders.
  • The traps are non-toxic.

Placing Glue Traps for Mice and Rats

For best results, glue traps they must be placed along known travel paths of the rodent. To do this, let your customers know the habits of the rodent in question:

  • Rats: These animals are cautious and it takes them time to interact with new objects that have been introduced to their environment. With that in mind, don’t let customers be discouraged that their trapping efforts are not immediately successful. Place the Victor® Hold-Fast® glue tray in areas where signs of rat activity take place. Rats will stay close to runs that often hug walls, which is where you should advise customers to put glue traps.
  • Mice: These animals travel along walls and baseboards so advise the placement of traps along these areas. Explain that they should look for evidence of mice such as fecal pellets or droppings, and place the trap near these areas, too.

Glue Trap Options

glue trap

There are two options for glue traps from Victor® – trays and glue boards. Each has specific usages:

  • Glue Boards: When using these traps, place them along the wall and bent up 90 degrees using the provided perforation that runs lengthwise along the one long side on the board. This creates two catch areas, one along the wall and another on the floor. The mouse or rat enters through the opening on the end of the trap and immediately gets stuck. Use these boards when you want to prevent children or pets from coming in contact with the adhesive. All Victor® mouse and rat glue boards are pre-baited with a non-allergenic peanut butter attractant, so no additional baiting is required.
  • Glue Trays: To use a glue tray, place it lengthwise against the edge of a wall. Trays are best for areas where there’s not much human or pet activity. To release a trapped animal, take the entire tray – animal and all – outdoors and pour vegetable oil on the trap.
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