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Ringer® Lawn Restore® II Fertilizer

How it Works

Safer® Brand Ringer® Lawn Restore II creates a healthy, green lawn naturally. Each 25 lb bag covers 5,000 sq ft, which is more coverage than many of the other organic fertilizers on the market. With the fast green-up from Ringer® Lawn Restore II, results can be seen in as little as 3—5 days after application. Plus, this long-lasting formulation contains no salt-based chemicals so there’s no risk of burning the lawn - even if overapplied. Since it’s made from natural protein sources, Lawn Restore II slowly releases nutrients into the soil and will continue to feed the lawn for up to 8 weeks. Ringer® Lawn Restore II nourishes not only the lawn, but also beneficial organisms and microbes that live beneath your soil to create a thick, vigorous lawn that lasts! There’s also no manure, so there are no unpleasant odors when applying.

A Greener Lawn Guaranteed

Within your soil live millions of microbes and organisms that feed your grass the nutrients it needs to grow. The key to a healthy lawn is allowing those beneficial microbes to thrive. Ringer® Lawn Restore II breaks down into the soil to feed those organisms, thus creating an environment for your grass to flourish and lay down deep roots. Lawns with deep root systems grow in thick and lush, and are less likely to turn brown and die in harsh situations. Nourished soil and healthy roots are the foundation necessary for a fantastic lawn for years to come.

It’s All in the Numbers - NPK

With an NPK analysis of 10-0-6, the lawn is getting the macronutrients that it needs. So what exactly do these numbers mean and why are they important for lawn growth? Below is a simplified breakdown of each one:

10% N=Nitrogen – promotes leaf growth & fast green up

0% P=Phosphorous – supports flower & fruit development

6% K=Potassium – helps deep root development & general plant health

These numbers are all important because they show the percentage of each macronutrient contained in the fertilizer. Higher numbers don’t necessarily mean a better product when comparing the NPK of different fertilizers. What is important is that the ratio of these macronutrients is properly balanced, and that these nutrients are released into the soil slowly and proportionately.

Nitrogen is imperative for lush, green lawns, so that’s why it’s typically the highest nutrient in a fertilizer’ NPK. Ringer® Lawn Restore II has 10% nitrogen. Potassium is great for promoting strong roots and overall lawn health, and Lawn Restore II has 6%.

The only macronutrient that isn’t present in Ringer® Lawn Restore® II is phosphorous. Phosphorous is actually not necessary for lawns since its main purpose is to promote flowering and fruiting. Grass remains in the vegetative state for its entire life cycle, so there’s no need to promote flowering or fruiting in lawns. There’s also the potential for phosphorous to be pulled out of the soil by heavy watering or rains, and run off into other waterways causing the water to become polluted with toxic algae.

Revitalize Existing Grass and Invigorate New Sod

Whether the goal is to stimulate young grass, or an existing lawn is in need of some TLC, Ringer® Lawn Restore II has is the perfect solution. Lawn Restore II will feed grass and the microbes within the soil, naturally greening nearly any type of grass in any life stage. Use on warm or cool season grasses including:

  • Kentucky Bluegrass
  • Perennial Ryegrass
  • St. Aqgustine Grass
  • Bermuda Grass
  • Centipede Grass
  • Tall Fescue

Synthetic vs. Natural Fertilizers

There are many lawn fertilizers on the market today and we understand that the choice can be confusing. For starters, there are two basic kinds of fertilizers out there synthetic and natural.

Synthetic fertilizers use chemicals to directly feed the grass and enhance the look of the lawn. However, they often work by treating just the plant, and not the soil it grows in. The result gives it a quick shock of chemicals to provide visible green up and fast growth, but chemical fertilizers neglect the soil and strip it of the valuable nutrients it needs to develop deep root systems. This can potentially kill the beneficial insects and microorganisms who call this soil home, thus often resulting in adverse effects on the lawn over time. Chemical fertilizers also contain salt which can dry out and burn the grass if overapplied.

The Benefits of Organic Lawn Care

Choosing to follow an organic regimen in a lawn care program provides many long—lasting benefits for the homeowner and their lawn! Organic gardening products break down in the soil naturally, and will leave no lingering residuals in the environment. They also improve overall soil health and won’t pollute nearby waterways if runoff should occur. They even help promote photosynthesis in lawns — nature’s way of turning sunlight into food — by releasing carbon dioxide.

People and pets can roam freely on lawns treated with products approved for organic gardening as they don’t have adverse effects after application. Though it may initially be an investment to begin an organic gardening program, over time there will likely be a need to use these products less often as the lawn and garden becomes healthier and stronger, and is able to fight off many diseases and weeds naturally.

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