How to Stop a Spider Invasion

Although spiders can be a problem all year long, many homeowners say these pests are most prone to come inside buildings as temperatures drop in the autumn.

So, when your customers ask how they can prevent spiders from entering a home or other building, suggest they review the exterior of their building:

  • Scout out potential openings around the perimeter of the building.
  • Check the building foundation for cracks, gaps and holes.
  • Look around windows, gutters, dryer vents, AC units and utility lines.
  • If any holes are discovered, seal them with caulk or another substance.

Sticky Spider Traps

In order to secure the premises, Stewart Clark, Director of Research for TERRO®, says it’s important to fortify both the inside and the outside of your house – advise your customers to create a spider barrier. He suggests using TERRO® Spider and Insect Traps, a simple spider-catching product that’s easy to stock at your store.

When customers ask about them, offer these instructions and features:

  • Place TERRO® Spider and Insect Traps in high spider and insect traffic areas, including along baseboards, near windowsills, close to foundation cracks, behind doors, and near windowsills.
  • Dangerous spiders – including the dreaded brown recluse, black widow and hobo spider – can also be captured by TERRO® Spider and Insect Traps.
  • The traps will take care of more than just spiders, too. Scorpions, ants, cockroaches, crickets and other creepy crawlers are also captured by the sticky traps. Replace the traps every three months, or sooner, if they fill to capacity with captured spiders and insects.
  • The traps are designed to limit access to the sticky trap glue. Simply fold its protective cover over the sticky area. While pets and kids can’t get to it, spiders and other insects can.
  • Alternatively, the trap can be deployed flat. This allows it to slide under low-profile objects.

Spider Spray

Terro Spider Killer

Next, suggest that the customer deploy spray TERRO® Spider Killer Spray, which kills these pests on contact.

When customers express interest in this spray, point out the following features:

  • This spray will offer up to 12 weeks of killing power, which essentially creates a long-lasting spider barrier
  • TERRO® Spider Killer Spray can be used inside or outside, so apply it anywhere spiders can be found, including woodpiles, around windows, on outdoor lights and over piles of leaves and other debris.
  • This spray can also be used against most insects.
  • Apply it into cracks and crevices to get spiders where they hide.
  • Uses pyrethrins as its active ingredient, a compound that effects the nervous systems of insects and spiders.

Ant Dust

Another great product from TERRO® is Ant Dust. While this powder kills ants and other insects on contact, it’s also perfect for use against spiders:

  • Deploy TERRO® Ant Dust indoors and outdoors, and comes in a shaker can for easy application.
  • Indoors, use it at to spot treat areas where spiders congregate. Also use it as a crack and crevice treatment to hit the areas where they hide.
  • Outisde, spread it uniformly to foundations and crawl spaces. Also put it around doors, porches, screens, eaves, patios, garages and under stairs.
  • Provides long-lasting residual control of spiders (plus ants and other insects) for up to 8 months.
  • Ant Dust won’t wash away in the rain.
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