How to Control Fruit Flies

There are many ways fruit flies can break into the home. From hitching a ride on the local produce from the market, to simply finding cracks or improper seals in and around windows or doors. It can be nearly impossible to deter fruit flies forever, because fruit flies can travel up to six miles a day, and detect strong odors from over 40 kilometers (or just under 25 miles) away!

TERRO® apple trap - Traps like this are perfect to use as a clean and non-toxic way to eradicate a fruit fly problem quickly and effectively.

Fruit fly sources - The goal is to eliminate potential breeding grounds, such as trash cans, food left out, drinks spilled and damp areas where food has been stored, like pantries.

Disposal - The first step to getting these pests is to throw away or refrigerate overly ripened fruits and vegetables. Then, empty trash cans and clean them of any spilled drink remnants or food particles.

Clean up - Spilled drinks and food residue can continue to draw in more flies, so it’s important to wipe down and clean surfaces with which food comes in contact, from the kitchen to the living room. Anywhere food is eaten is a place they can too!

Unwelcome return - Diligence is required when using a homemade solution, because eliminating their food source isn’t always entirely effective. Fruit flies can continue to breed in soiled mops, dirty drains and used drink containers long after traditional areas have been removed.

The Downside of Hiring an Exterminator to Fight Fruit Flies

Hiring an exterminator is one option for fighting fruit flies, but when hiring an outsider, it removes a lot of options:

  • Price - One report suggests that, nationwide, exterminators charge between $270 and $380 per visit for dealing with flies.
  • Getting Inside - Fruit fly problems are almost always inside work, which means a person will have to take time off work to let an exterminator inside the home, show them where the problem areas are and ultimately complete the treatment.
  • Chemicals - When exterminators take aim at a pest, they give it everything they’ve got. That could mean using a lot of chemicals in the places they deem appropriate. When an exterminator is calling the shots, there is no opportunity to adjust the tactics or investigate the chemicals being used.

Invest In TERRO® Fruit Fly Traps The other resource for households fighting a fruit fly invasion is offered by TERRO®. This attractive and decorative Fruit Fly Trap was developed to blend in with kitchen décor. It lures these insects away from produce and out of the sink with special liquid – once they go inside to investigate, they can’t get back out and ultimately drown. Setting up a TERRO® Fruit Fly Trap is a breeze. Just pour the included lure into the trap and set it out for fast results. These portable traps are small, too. They easily fit on a windowsill or a countertop where they remain effective against fruit flies for 30 days.

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