How do Hummingbirds Survive Hurricanes and Other Stormy Weather?

When hurricane season arrives, it’s natural for your customers to show concern about the wildlife they see in their yards. Hummingbirds may be of a particular concern, especially since your customers are probably dedicated to feeding these amazing birds. After all, given their small size and apparent reliance on feeders, they seem delicate and fragile.

How Hummingbirds Survive Major Storms

When bad weather hits, hummingbirds know just what to do. Most importantly, they hunker down in the most sheltered place they can find. This is usually in dense vegetation on the downwind side of a tree trunk.

How do they stay in place? Their feet are strong enough to hold onto a branch very tightly, even in a roaring wind. Further, hummers have very little surface area and actually find it easier to get out of the wind than larger birds do.

How to Help Hummingbirds During Hurricanes

The majority of hummingbirds will survive hurricanes over land unscathed – as is shown by quick swarms of activity around hummingbird feeders during breaks in storms. In fact, many hummingbird enthusiasts report that hummers feed heavily when the eye of the hurricane passes them. Likewise, the birds are often observed feeding as soon as the storm clears an area, even though winds are still strong.

With that in mind, advise your customers that it’s a great idea to keep their Perky-Pet® hummingbird feeders up, full and available before, during and immediately after an intense storm. Of course, homeowners need to consider their own safety before worrying about their bird feeders. Remind them to not risk their lives for birds that can quickly and instinctually adapt to natural events.

To secure feeders, your customers can wire or duct tape them in place prior to the advance of a storm. This helps to keep the feeder stationary during the harshest part of the storm. Once secured, the birds are able to take in sugar water whenever conditions allow.

Duct tape is a great idea, just be sure to advise your customers to remove it after the storm. Hummingbirds may be hurricane-resistant, but it’s easy for them to get stuck on duct tape.

The Life of a Hummingbird

All said, remind your customers that hummingbirds are not delicate or fragile. These feisty little creatures are fierce and brave, and fully capable of surviving temporary rough conditions. Helping them out by providing Perky-Pet® feeders, hummingbird nectar and shelter is a great role for a homeowner, but it’s not something to sweat over, especially when they should be focusing on their own safety and working to protect their own property.

In fact, there’s a far bigger danger than hurricanes in the life of a hummingbird: Migration. Helping these birds prepare for their twice annual trips is something every homeowner can do by keeping their feeders clean and well stocked during the spring and fall. In fact, it’s during the regular season that your customers can make a real difference in the lives of hummingbirds.

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