Common Myths About Moles

We thought we would give you our thoughts on some of the common mole myths and old wives tales about basic mole behavior and control ideas. When it comes to this rodent, there is no shortage of crazy plans and advice.

Our rule of thumb when we read or hear anything about moles is this.

“Whatever you hear about the behavior and control moles is false 98% of the time.”

The reason for this is simple. Moles are invisible 98% of the time. So you can make up any story or theory about this ghost rodent you would like… "OK, sure! Whatever you say!"

That being said, the following 5 things about moles are FALSE

  1. Chewing Gum placed in the run works great. I love this one … very creative …
  2. Moles don’t eat anything but worms
  3. Repellents don’t work
  4. Baits don’t work
  5. A hose placed in the tunnel will drown the moles
  6. Moles are active at 10 pm, 2 pm and 4 pm

Victor® Mole & Gopher Poison Peanuts

Use Victor® Poison Peanuts when there are pesky rodent problems that you need to solve. These handy peanut pellets act as bait and killer for both moles and gophers. The peanuts contain Zinc Phosphide as an active ingredient for effective extermination of these unwanted visitors. With 6 oz. of peanuts this pack includes plenty of animal bait to rid burrowing animals.

What We Know is Fact About Moles

We know only a very few things for certain after spending many years researching moles. Moles are very sensitive and very quiet. They speak to each other in a language that is very strange. Unfortunately, we have not been fast enough to record it.

  • Moles are silent killers and will stay dormant to conserve energy
  • Moles are digging machines
  • Trapping moles requires both a good trap and attention to monitoring the trap
  • Baiting – Repelling – Trapping can each have success in the field
  • The issue is our inability to observe the mole in the field as it encounters these control tactics

Our goal is to continue to research and study the mole in order to better understand the animal and to continue to improve our Victor® products for the future. As part of this research, we want to capture more video of moles in their natural habitat such as this video below of a pesky mole digging through its tunnel:

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