9 Advantages to Solar Fence Chargers

Solar-powered fence chargers are perfect to use with temporary fencing as you move a herd from one paddock to the next. Considering a solar fence charger for your electric fence? Solar fence chargers are durable in the field and deliver the energy you need to run a low impedance fence up to 30 miles long.

  1. The Flexibility You Need - With a solar fence charger, you can put your fence anywhere you need it. Even better, you can move your charger to alternate paddocks with little fuss.
  2. E-friendly Power - Solar powered electric fences are environmentally friendly. By powering them with sunlight, you’re not burning fossil fuels to maintain your fence line.
  3. Perfect for Life Off the Grid - If you’re off the grid and want to stay that way, a solar fence charger is what you need.
  4. Help with Distant Fencing -Some farm properties are big - so big that it’s cost-prohibitive to run power lines to those far-off corners. A solar fencer reaches every inch of your land.
  5. Days of Use Without the Sun - When fully charged, solar powered fence energizers store enough battery life to last up to two weeks without any sunlight exposure.
  6. Backup Batteries Keep Power Flowing - Still worried about your solar fence charger running low on juice? Buy a backup battery and keep it charged at home. Solar batteries will need to be replaced every 3 to 4 years with proper maintenance.
  7. No More Utility Bills - Your solar fence charger isn’t going to add to your utility costs. Sunlight is free! An electric fence charger that’s powered by the sun will remain active during blackouts to keep your animals in their pens.
  8. Protection from Power Outages - Many rural areas (and plenty of urban areas) have trouble keeping a consistent flow of electricity. A fence charger fueled by sunlight will always keep your fence hot.
  9. Ideal for Temporary Fencing - Are you on the road showing horses or off to the fair or auction? Set up a temporary pen in just a few minutes.
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